Last Friday, our visitors said goodbye but it was a different kind of goodbye because I know I will see them again next year. Maybe even as early as spring since I told grandma that I would take her to see the tulips at Keukenhof ( when she comes back. Otherwise, I’m happy to report that thanks to all the driving I did during their visit,  I am no longer as anxious behind the wheel (still happens in unusual traffic conditions such as when pedestrians or cyclists walk/run in the middle of the road without a care).

Fall seems to be quickly turning into winter here. We finally cracked and turned on the furnace last week and today the morning dew turned to frost on my bike seat. The thought of winter does not bother me after two decades in the Minnesota tundra, this should be a breeze. Oh and no shoveling!

I conclude this post with new pictures of our adventures (you’ll recognize Amsterdam but the cathedral is in Den Bosch). My favorites are those from a recent Sunday morning bike ride in the countryside. On our way, we found a vending machine selling 2 kilo bags of apples and pears. That day, we also found homes selling walnuts, squash, peppers and eggs. All used the honor system where you take what you want and put the money in a box or tray since there is never an attendant. Nice.

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