Hello again and Happy New Year! I have neglected this blog for too long and as one of my 2013 resolutions, I would like to revive it because there is still so much to share and some of you have told me that I should definitely continue posting.

I have been living in NL for almost 1.5 years now. I can say that the honeymoon phase is definitely over and we have entered the rejection or regression phase. In essence, you experience more downs than ups but I know it’s just a phase and I firmly believe that the key to our success is to learn the language as quickly as possible. That and taking the plunge in meeting other people. There are so many expat groups out there that there really is no excuse though one has to be careful because expats (myself included) can easily fall into the habit of complaining incessantly about your new country and frankly, that’s not good. Some bashing is healthy but not when it’s all the time. After all, we wouldn’t have moved if we didn’t believe there would be some good things here.

Both M and I are taking Dutch classes and that helps. Reading books for the kids also helps. As for the kids themselves, Owen is doing much better and he can understand and speak quite well though he still does not understand everything. Sofia, on the other hand, seems to understand everything and she is quickly becoming a Dutchie. She is now in preschool and absolutely loves it. So even though M and I struggle sometimes, it really lifts our hearts when we see that our littles ones are doing just fine.

Here’s to a healthy, bright and successful 2013 for all of us!